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Automotive Repair Services
for Fleet or Personal Vehicles

(419) 420-8000, 634 Rockwell Avenue

You work hard in your business.

Sometimes vehicles need service.

When your fleet is down, SO ARE YOU.

Fleet vehicle maintenance.

We focus on your FLEET

So you can focus on your business


#1. We've been around the block. A lot.

Fleet Maintenance Experience

we didn’t start as an auto shop. we ran a business JUST LIKE YOURS. our fleet had 250+ vehicles. we know what it’s like. WE’VE BEEN THERE. we’ll keep you moving.

#2. We've got Super Hero Skills. Really.

Fleet Maintenance Service

our mechanics are the very best you can find. PERIOD. our ASE MASTER MECHANIC personally reviews every job out the door. we won’t leave you hanging. EVER.

#3. We've been to the future. Join us.

Fleet Maintenance Technology

your fleet doesn’t run on 100 year old technology, and NEITHER DO WE. unlock the full potential of your business with the PLUS PORTAL. hello, 21st century. WOW.

Click below to experience the PLUS PORTAL.

WARNING: This. Changes. Everything.

Findlay Fleet Plus Fleet - Maintenance & Automotive Repair
Findlay Fleet Plus, Auto Repair & Service, Findlay, OH
ASE Master Certified Technician
Findlay Hancock County Chamber of Commerce